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Middle Eastern Belly Dance Entertainment, (& Polynesian)
Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to Island style dance Cape Town

Aloha! I'Aorana!

Also known as Ori Tahiti, Hawaiian, Hula or Polynesian dance. 

The Ote'a is a drum dance from Tahiti. It has rapid hip shaking movements accompanied by drumming. Other movements are incorporated with the hip movements such as varu, fa'arapu, afata and tamau etc.

The Hula is a Polynesian dance form from Hawaii. It is accompanied by chanting (oli) or singing (mele).

Foot and hip movements come from a basic vocabulary of steps such as the kaholo, ka'o, kawelu, hela, 'uwehe, and 'ami.

So, for anyone requiring Island style dancing at their Luau or a combination of Hula and belly dancing at their party, contact Tanaya for a quote.

Also available are Pareu (sarong) styling demos. (Pareu to be supplied by client unless otherwise agreed with Tanaya.)