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March - April - May 2017 gigs

Posted by Tanya Cameron on May 6, 2017 at 8:05 AM

I know, I have not been writing about my gigs recently. Just didn't really feel like it and nothing really memorable happened. 

So this post is going to be about all the gigs I didn't write about.

March 9th I danced for an 80th birthady at Ratanga - Officers Lounge ( I think it was called.) It was lovely. I was booked by the birtday girls son, all the way from Australia. Bridgeways were their usual organized selves and everything was fab. I even had the use of the backstage dressing room all to myself. Kalynda came with to help and take photos. 

Then I had the healthy kiddies birthday party in Constantia - Already wrote about that one.

Next was a bridal shower in Wellington. Stunning house and beautifully decorated area. Girls were all great sports and especially the lovely bride to be. She had already been dressed a la theme so I suddenly had extra time on my hands! I wore my latest costume designed by Yours Truly. It's meant to be a mermaid style. Photos taken by Kalynda on her Samsung S6 'cos I forgot my camera:-o

After that I had 2 gigs on Saturday 10 April. First one was a bridal shower in University Estate and the second was at a 40th birthday party in Durbanville. Jaden took the photos at the bridal shower on my LG G4 mobile phone as the camera battery was flat in spite of charging for the whole day. There were too many light sources and a massive mirror so the pics were sadly very over exposed. The second gig Kalynda came with and took pics on 2 Samsung phones and the teeny bit of charge in the camera battery. Very challenging circumstances but I managed to salvage a few shots. And of course I was dancing barefoot on a sloping brick patio!!

Next gig was a last minute booking via my friend Nadia for Nomad tour group. We didn't even have to dance choreography, just sort of floated around as ambient entertainment. It was great fun though and really loved dancing with my friends Jamilah and Nadia.

Then the next day I had a lovely 60th birthday gig at Cinnamon House for Stephanie. Beautiful, tasteful venue, but it was so hot on that day, I was melting! 

After previous melty gig, we went down to the beach to cool down and take some photos of my new mermaid costume made by Yours Truly!! So proud of it, but in a good way!

A few days later Natasha from HipCircle booked Jamilah and me for a gig at Lagoon Beach Hotel. There were 3 other belly dancers there. Never danced with any of them before and we had to improv to each others music while each one of us had a solo. It was a lot of fun. Hotel staff were fantastic - very polite, helpful and attentive. The audience was what I usually consider a no no. All male - eek! BUT, there were 5 of us and Natasha as our agent and Kalynda as photographer and all the female hotel staff. Plenty of girls to balance the testosterone. The men were super. Very appreciative and also very polite. (There is a way to show your appreciation without being sleazy, and I have to say that Middle Eastern folk have mastered that skill!)

Then yesterday....Polynesian party at the Protea Hotels Fire & Ice! by Marriott for a 10 year old. The birthday girl was dressed beautifully as Moana from the Disney movie. Kalynda and I taught and performed. The girls had all been guzzling sugary sweets and drinks for about an hour before we arrived and had the slightly crazed look of crack addicts in their eyes. We managed to keep them under control and taught them some hula dancing moves and a very easy chorography under the guise of a competition. I had to ban them from eating and drinking any more sugar loaded treats until the competition was over! Fortunately I had a selection of small gifts to hand out as prizes. The day before I actually hand made a Heart of Te Fiti stone as a gift for the birthday girl. She was ecstatic when I gave it to her with her certificate of achievement. 

You can see all the albums here http://www.tanayabellydance.com/apps/photos/

So, I have been busy, just not busy writing!!

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