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40th birthday Green Point

Posted by Tanya Cameron on February 25, 2017 at 1:20 PM

A very difficult gig.

I did not have a good time!

I had to throw a couple of diva tantrums, the audience was making me so cross. 

They hi-jacked my sound system to play their own music while I was performing, messed with my settings, wouldn't leave the volume alone, unplugged my light and were getting far too close and personal for my liking. Even the cane and shamadan didn't put them off and you know those can both cause serious injury! They were seriously getting all up in my grill!!

Especially the one guy...jeez...I could happily have strangled him. He was even stepping on my toes! That's how close he was. At one point I stopped dancing and asked who they wanted to watch, him or me?? I accidently hit him a couple of times with my cane, must get a heavier one, and had to physically push him away when dancing with my shamadan. 

I was thoroughly sick of the whole thing by the time my last set was over, and couldn't wait to leave. Said my polite and always professional farewells. Then the one lady stopped me at the door and said she wanted to give me a present, It was a really nice tip - the best I've ever had! But I was still fuming and smarting the whole way home...and then, I discover I forgot my cane and veil. Flip! So annoyed. Went back today to collect and had to pretend that I had had a wonderful time the evening before and hadn't been complaining at all. lol!

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Reply Di
4:29 AM on February 26, 2017 
Your pics didn't say any of that! Some people are darnright rude and revolting. Pity you didn't knock him out with your cane. You should always take Graham along with you. Can J do any martial arts? Perhaps he can teach losers a thing or two. Oh well, happy day. 🌻
Reply Tanya Cameron
4:30 AM on February 26, 2017 
In the past I have had audiences that ignored me and I hated it too, I don't mind when they join in, but they must keep their distance. These people had no boundaries at all, for my person or my property. Even the women were getting too close. If there hadn't been ladies present I would have walked out. Graham was there, but he is painfully polite and shy, and was also distracted by the ones that were fiddling with my equipment. Good thing is that nothing was lost or broken - including me!! Never had such forward people before. Champagne money and beer behaviour!