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Random gigs 3rd Dec to 10th Dec

Posted by Tanya Cameron on December 12, 2016 at 10:20 AM

Two hen parties less than an hour apart.

The first one was very rushed. Everything about it was rushed. I was booked and paid the day before as the previously booked entertainment had apparently cancelled at the last minute. We had to open the festivities with me, which I don't like doing. I prefer the ladies to settle, have a drink and a chat first before they get into the dancing, but there was no helping it this time.

The second one had been booked and paid for about 3 weeks earlier. It was hilarious there were willy shaped straws, decorations and a huge pink willy pinate! (Start as you mean to go on! Show that willy who's boss!! Lol) They were all already in a very good mood when I got there and the bride to be was quite tipsy. They were a lot of fun. And the cutest little girl, she kept hugging me.

The party on the 10th was quite funny as well. I gave my flash drive to the hostess and she said it would play through her bluetooth JBL. I thought she meant a JBL like mine, but then I saw this tiny little cup sized speaker and there was no way that thing could pump the sound I need. I rushed back to the changing room to get my docking station and ipod, much better! The wind was howling through the garden, yep dancing outside! My skirt and my hair got tangled in my cane! Totally lost my place in the choreography and to make matters worse there were two bar tenders that were walking around while we were dancing and they kept bumping into me. Clueless, I tell you. Eventually I said very loudly that if they bumped into me one more time they'd have to dance with me! Haha, they really kept their distance after that! And now tonight off to a henna evening. I should be getting ready, not writing a post.

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