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60th birthday at the Portuguese Club

Posted by Tanya Cameron on August 3, 2017 at 2:20 AM

Yesterday I was booked to dance for a 60th birthday at the Portuguese club in Cape Town.

Birthday boy was one of the directors at Food Lovers or Fruit and Veg - something like that anyway.

I was initially told that there would be about 40 people but when I arrived there was more like 90! My poor Harmon Kardon Go Play can't handle such a big crowd. I stayed pretty close to it most of the time.

It was a fun gig. Mostly guys, couple of ladies, a few naughty comments from the audience, but I quelled them with a look and they behaved. Nothing quite like a sword to inspire respect! Birthday boy was thrilled to bits with his surprise belly dancer.

When they asked me to take him his birthday cake I had no clear idea of what I was going to do. Once the candles were lit there was only one thing to do - put it on my head!!!

Kalynda has an exceptional eye for detail and always has good ideas about photos. She saw the potential for the painting straight away and then she saw the flag...well, you can see what happened!!

Oh yes, major problems just before. My car has been making peculiar noises (intermittently, of course) for about 2 weeks.

This morning I was very organized and made a recording of the noises on my mobile and sent it to my mechanic.

The response was, " bring it in immediately for a check up and make sure it's towed not driven!!"

OMW!! Huge stress as I had this gig to go to and really needed my car. Anyway, to cut long story short, Graham took me to the gig and then went to fetch Jaden from school and my wing lady, Kalynda, met me at the club to take photos and then drove me home again afterwards.

Many thanks to my supportive family and friends. Big hugs.

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