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21st birthday celebration

Posted by Tanya Cameron on July 2, 2017 at 5:25 PM

An even more last minute gig than the previous one!! I was booked the day before by the mother of the birthday boy to dance at 7.30pm. So I just quoted her by phone and did not send a written quote with all my T's and C's including my penalty clause for them if they run late!! Damnit!

I was already on the road when she called to say they were running late so I ended up arriving 45 minutes before I was dancing. There had been a mix up with the friend that was meant to keep Birthday Boy busy while the party was being set up and they ended up at a movie. Everyone was there waiting for him and all were starving! I was meant to perform between main and dessert but they ended up agreeing I could perform while they ate the mains. It took ages for everyone to dish up, OMW!

I was lurking in a bedroom waiting and getting colder by the second and this guy kept coming into the room to use the bathroom and to smoke, so Linda and I would wait outside. All very awkward! He turned out to be the Birthday Boy!! So much for being a surprise! Although I'm sure he was surprised to find a belly dancer in his bedroom!

Finally it was time for me to dance. There was a tiny spot for me to perform in. (Outside next to the swimming pool, underneath a tiny lapa thing which was so low I kept scratching my hands on it. The pavers around the pool were very uneven and had the texture of really rough sand paper.) Due to the lack of space I could not use my wings and ended up performing to my good old faithful entrance piece which I keep trying to retire!

Birthday Boy was not interested in being a good sport and dancing even a few steps with me. He just stood there like a statue while I tried to tempt him with ever more simple dance moves, but nope. He eventually vanished and then it was the usual routine of people pointing out other people that they thought should dance, none of whom was willing.

Eventually a couple of the oldest ladies (Bless their sweet souls!) and the dad danced with me.

I had spent the best part of 7 or 8 minutes inviting and practically begging people to dance and then when the last song ended they all wanted to jump up and dance and were surprised that I was finished with my set!

I could not wait to get home. I was ravenous after not having eaten properly for 2 days, I was frozen, my feet were raw from the pavers and I was having an asthma attack from all the smoke. Did I mention that the vast majority of the guests all lit up while I was dancing?

They were nice people and it was fun dancing for them. I just thought it was a funny story with all the delays and I definitely don't want to offend anyone by writing about it. (I didn't even put all the bits in. Like how I could hear some guy in the crowd shouting that I must, "Take it off!" or how the birthday boys only attempt at interactive dance was to try to grab my hips or that the dad was eating a cake and he tried to put it on my chest - What did he think he was achieving??) Anyway, at least I evaded all the above with my usual grace and style and can still take pride in a job well done!

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