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Kiddy birthday party Constantia

Posted by Tanya Cameron on March 18, 2017 at 4:10 AM

Friday 17th March I had an 8 year olds birthday party. It had been quite a long time in planning for the mother and she was finding it difficult to get RSVPs. It was important for her to have numbers as she wanted to give each girl a coin belt as a party gift. Eventually she felt that everything was confirmed and then ordered 15 coin belts from me.

Weeks before, and as soon as she said that she wanted to buy coin belts, I went out and sourced as many as I could find - they have been in short supply recently. Not a problem for me if she didn't want them, I'd just keep them in stock.

They were so sweet and their attention span wasn't as short as I had feared! I flew completely solo - no assistant or photographer with me. I did take my camera with and asked one of the older girls to take a few pictures. I think she did really well. The mum was such a good hostess, the snack table was loaded with healthy treats of mostly fruit with one naughtiness of a chocolate fountain at the end! 

During the workshop a couple of the girls were complaining that they were getting a stitch, so we had to keep stopping to do stretches. The funniest part was when the Mum took out a jug of water for one girl that was thirsty and the rest of them just followed her! I was alone on the dance floor! Anyway we managed to complete the lesson and I taught them a simple choreography. After my performance they came to tell me that I was very talented and that they were very impressed that I didn't get a stitch! One of the girls came to tell me that she wants to book me for her birthday. They were all very cute.

The drive home at 5 pm was absolutely brutal! Rush hour traffic:( Next time I dance at that time in the southern suburbs will just hang out at a coffee shop until the madness is over.

See pics here.

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