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Famous Lookalikes

Posted by Tanya Cameron on April 13, 2013 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I keep forgetting to write about this, but there have been a few occasions where there have been uncannily familiar looking faces in the audience.

The one time was at Ocean Basket. Deva and I were dancing there for two sets.

The one table had 'John Travolta' and 'Alan Rickman'

I was so busy trying to see if it was actually them that I almost forgot to dance!

But it couldn't have been, they were both too young, but still...

We had photos with them after and the Alan lookalike tried to kiss my tummy! Eeyew! I wish I had copies of those pics.

The next lookalike was Will Ferrel at Al Diwan. I do have a pic somewhere, will post it when I find it.



Posted by Tanya Cameron on June 3, 2011 at 9:08 AM Comments comments (0)

A few years ago, a fellow bellydancer asked me to fill in for her at a charity gig as she was sick.

I find it amazing how many people want me to dance for free or very little because 'it's a charity' Don't they realise that this is my only source of income? I am not some big corporation that can write off any potential income and then claim it back at the end of the year. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Anyway, the charity was for an Isreali relief fund or similar. She said she was sorry about the pay being so minimal but as it was for charity...I said it was ok and that I'd fill in for her.

My normal rate at the time was R750 for a 15 min performance and for this gig they could only afford R200. After I agreed they then said they wanted a workshop as well, so I ended up staying for an hour. And I had to take my own sound system.

They gave me the time and address, in West Beach! When I arrived, the driveway and verges were choc full of expensive cars. I just knew I'd been duped. Anyway in I go, at least I'm getting R200 which will pay for the petrol and buy the kids an ice-cream the next day.

I had to wait for about half an hour while they wrapped up their meeting and then I did my set and gave the workshop to about 30 women in designer clothes, expensive hair do's and dripping with jewellery. After I finished they all complimented me on my dancing, costume and ask for cards, 'cos they want to do classes with me.

(That's not so bad, if I at least get some students out of it.)

Then the hostess comes up, gushes all over me, thanks me extravagantly and hands me an envelope.

I didn't open it until I got home, and guess what? There was only R100 in it! She'd ripped me off a hundred bucks from my already pathetic pay that I was supposed to be getting.

A couple of days later I saw her having lunch at Canal Walk - I just ignored her...silly tart! Oh, and I never did get a single student from that gig.

Footsore and Freezing

Posted by Tanya Cameron on March 31, 2011 at 3:52 PM Comments comments (0)

A while back my friend, Jamilah, asked me to dance with her at Moyo at Spier. Moyo, (for those of you who don't know) is a huge buffet style restuarant in a tent and the theme is 'African.' The story was that the company that had booked the venue also hired us - much to Moyo managements disaproval, apparently we didn't fit in with the African theme??? Last time I looked Egypt is on the African continent!

We had been asked to perform for 30 minutes, but after Moyo had their way we were whittled down to a mere 10 minutes! That's one dance each. Any way we chose our individual songs and waited for our cues. More than an hour later we were finally told we could go on. In the meantime we had been waiting in costume in a huge draughty tent in the middle of winter. We were absolutely freezing and to make things worse the ground in the tent is covered in gravel - horrible sharp little stones.

There is a large box thing in the centre of the tent next to the central tent pole. I decided to dance on that. It was awful. It had a gradient of about 7 degrees and was not as big as I'd at first thought. Ghastly, plus the music volumn was so low that I couldn't hear it. I was sure I was going to fall off. It wasn't the best gig ever, the combination of very uncomfortable, insufficient working conditions and the thinly veiled hostility from the manager was very demoralising but I just decided to put it down to experience. Moyo ended up losing me as a client as well - I used book for family functions such as anniversaries, birthdays etc but since then I've never been back.

Wee Willy Winkie

Posted by Tanya Cameron on March 31, 2011 at 3:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Some years ago I was dancing at a Faux Middle Eastern restaurant (Vinkel and Koljander) in the boondocks of Durbanville. Actually a chicken farm and abbattoir. Horrible, I hated going there. One of the times I danced there I had to drive past a sort of blockhouse which was chock full of feathers, feet and heads. I almost threw up. After that time I always kept my eyes averted.

Anyway on this particular occasion, it was a busy Saturday night, about 9pm. I can't remember much about my performance or audience because what happened afterwards erased my memory of everything except the incident that I'm going to write about now.

After I finished my set, I was waiting in the bar area, with an appletiser, to be paid. A woman walked up to me and was complimenting me on my dancing and costume etc and inquiring about classes etc - the usual. A man joined us and she introduced him as her fiance. Between them they decided to tip me for my dancing and they gave me a really nice tip. Another man joined us, (bear in mind I am still waiting to be paid, Vinkel and Koljander always kept me waiting for my pay.)This man was the others brother. So there the four of us are, chatting and laughing, very amiable. Now, at V&K the waitrons always wore some sort of masque or Yashmak. On this particular evening they were wearing those feathered ones that cover your eyes but leave your nose and mouth free. A sort of half masque.

The man who was affianced had one pushed up on his head, he'd obviously snagged it from one of the waitrons. I was deep in conversation with his fiancee. Next minute he's saying,

"Look, look what do you think of this?"

we turn to look at him and his fiancee says,


and he points with his head 'down' We look down and he's got his willy out and he's holding the masque over it so that it looks like a long nose with masque above it!!! I'm in shock. Then he gets his brother to take a picture to send to their mother, because 'she'll really like it.' Just then V&K came up with the money to pay me and I left in a big hurry.

The one thing I always wondered was...who had to wear the masque afterwards?

Funny or weird gigs from the past.

Posted by Tanya Cameron on March 30, 2011 at 6:17 AM Comments comments (0)

Upcoming....Wee willy winkie, footsore and freezing